Who Are We

We support sustainable improvements in the quality of life of the global poor.

"Sustainability is less about a philosophy or engagement than it is about simple choices, actions and behaviours."

Our Mission

NHSS exists to relieve poverty in developing nations by teaching sustainable improvements for the basic necessities of life, including food, clean water, health, security and shelter to individuals or families who are in need; and to educate the public about poverty and effective development.

Our Vision

We are inspired by sustainable community development and work with communities around the world who want to move into a rich full future.

Working in four key areas; education, health, environmental, and economic empowerment

Our Values

The following core values describe our expectations for New Hope Schools Society projects and programs.  They help us aspire to greatness and help guide our actions. 

1. Friends Give and Take

RELATIONSHIP - We join people in their communities and work and walk at the pace of friendship. We expect to have fun and enjoy our time together. We look for reciprocity and look to give and receive as we recognize and accept the talents and knowledge each one brings.

2. People are Smart

TRUST - Change is most effective when people choose to make changes themselves. Our development process is to treat people with respect for their capacity. We identify and partner with successful existing structures and actors within a community to achieve long term sustainable solutions

3. Create Active Change

SUCCESS - We believe in excellence and value measurable results through evidence-based programming. We default to where we have the greatest impact, we look to accomplish much and won’t fear brave mistakes along the way.

What we do with your donation

Every dollar you donate is used to improve the lives of the poor, We spend your money on people and projects to ensure our initiatives last and make a real difference.

We believe that administration of funds matter a lot - we hire qualified professionals who know how to change the world. We believe that they are the best and you would be proud to work with them. If you would like to meet them, consider joining one of our vision trips

Find a project to donate to

Our Charitable Number is: 867119901RR0001