Kids Playing with Mud, Machetes and Fire

In Haiti it is not uncommon to see children, sometimes as young as two, bringing mom the chefs knife. Those kids are often found at the cook fire helping out, and like all kids if there is a muddy puddle, you are sure to find them there. It’s definitely different for us who live in a highly safety conscious world. …

The Luncheon

Lifitha invited us for lunch. Stan and I walked down the pathway after the previous nights rain. Mud sucked at our feet along the road, so our hosts lead us the long way around – through the planted field – in the hope of keeping our feet dry. After a few minutes we stopped at her home with the cook …

Haiti - Eight Years Ago

Eight Years Ago Today

Eight years ago the Haiti earthquake struck. Three weeks later on February 5, 2010 I was able to finally make my way in. We drove in through the Dominican Republic. The destruction was hard to imagine and I wanted to document what I could. It took so many lives, but one thing it could not take was Haiti’s strength. In …

sus·tain·a·ble səˈstānəb(ə)l – adjective

This was a HUGE New Years surprise … check out this video by Candy – our translator – he took some shots of the stove he built himself … in his own home! He was proud of his work and made a video to share the story. He shared it with us and I think you need to check it …

Build It Everywhere

Want to see how we built a stove for a family in Haiti? Click and check it out!   Curious about how we built the bricks?  check out Part 1 here

Merry Christmas!

Here is our version of those fireplaces you see on Netflix or Shaw TV. Sorry we don’t hire the celebrity hand to come in and stir things up, but we do have a gorgeous fire to share with you. (Hint: Go full screen!) Thanks so much for celebrating with us at New Hope this year! Merry Christmas

The Father’s Stove

The following was written by volunteers from our 2017 Vision Trip: Dauna Geddes and Bev Robertson The Father He leaves his field in the mountains to find a better future for his eight children. Like all good fathers, Mark Robensen Lounds dreams of a good education, health care and nutritious food for each one.   The Provider The family survives in …

Build It Anywhere

Have you ever heard of a smokeless stove?  Here is how you can build one (anywhere) even in Victoria, BC, Canada